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Ozone-balloon experiment

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General characteristic of urban ecological systems

Industrial pollution of environment

Chemical pollution of reservoirs

Chemical pollution of soil

A problem of dust and waste products of a megapolis

An ecological map of Moscow

 Systems of water-preparation and water purification

  • Complex of water treatment from fluorine and boron
  • Sewage treatment complex for car-washing installations
  • Disinfection electrolysis unit
  • Complex of water deferrization
  • Complex of water deferrization (*)
  • Water softerning complex for boilers, thermoelectric power station, heat exchangers
  • "PUREPRO" reverse osmotic freshening plants
  • SILIFOS - System of protection of water
  • Complexes  for  water treating from fluorine and boron
  • Industrial filters of a series "Geyser" for installation on an input of water in an apartment, a cottage, for the industrial purposes.
  • Ozone technique
  • Equipment for water-preparation at the enterprises of power and heat supply
  • Complex ozone-absorption  plants of  a "6" type
  • Complex of biological treatment of municipal sewage
  • Technologies and equipment for lining and service of engineering communications

  • Sanitation of pipelines on the basis of polymeric materials by a hose method
  • Pipelines lining without trenches and their repairing by means of pneumopunches
  • Repair of networks of plumbing and sanitary by methods " Process Phoenix "
  • Repair of networks of plumbing and sanitary by methods "U-Liner"
  • Technology of linings of the pipeline without trances by means of small-sized hydromachines
  • Hydrodynamical machines for washing and clearing of networks and tanks
  • Welding of direct and curvilinear sections of pipes by means of the special welding equipment.
  • Disk locks with a  protective covering
  • Waterproofing of tank constructions by means of capillary systems (Waterproofing protective structures)
  • Industrial loading of filters and contact lighteners
  •  Multipurpose ground cleaner absorber of the soil " Water Master Classic II "
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