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Ecological Broker

Participant of the International Ecological Stock Exchange


Ecological Broker

     Both a citizen, and  an organization of any country can become  an Ecological broker of  the International Ecological  Stock Exchange.

     The IESE provides an opportunity  to newly  registered brokers within  first 3 months to work without payment of cost of a broker place.

   The ecological broker (further the Broker) is whether  an independent legal person, or an authorized  representative of the IESE  allocated powers IESE.

     The basic functional duties of the ecological broker and broker office:

  • To represent ecological production and ecological interests of the enterprises and the organizations;

  • To organise acquisition and sale of ecological goods and services according to  enterprises' requests.

     The International Ecological Stock Exchange provides to  the broker  a package of necessary documents and gives him a consultation of experts in questions arising during work.

     The ecological broker receives from the IESE the following compensation:

  1. Up to 20% from the amount of the profit received by the IESE for a deal, arranged by his request.

  2. Up to 15% from the cost - for the involved advertising on a show-window of the IESE.

  3. Up to 10% from the sum of investments -  for attraction of investments for
    realization of projects presented in the IESE show-window.

  4. Personal quarterly compensation on results of work of the broker for every three months.


Participant of  the Stock Exchange

     Requests for sale or purchase of the equipment, devices and other ecological goods and services and as well as their advertising in this or that section of a show-window of the stock Exchange, may be presented directly both by manufacturers and consumers without the IESE brokers' assistance. In this case They are referred to as Participants of the Stock Exchange. The participant is to pay a pays monthly rent of a show-window of the Stock Exchange (at the rate of 20 dollars for one position [a device, a method] of a promoted production per one month), and to pay the Stock Exchange contribution at a rate of 1% at receipt of the appropriate request and realizations of the sale and purchase deal.

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