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Ozone-balloon experiment

The international Ecological Salon


"The World is Under Threat of Destruction! Unification for Salvation!"

The motto of Ecointern

"The manufacturers and consumers of the ecological goods and services all over the world get united.!"

The motto of EISE

     The main humanistic intention of Ecological international of Green Cross and Green Crescent, a founder of Ecological international Stock Exchange(EISE) - is the transition from spontaneous growing mechanical civilization to consciously controlled natural technological society development, and, as a final result, to ECOLOGICAL CIVILIZATION of XXI century.

    "The speciality of Ecointern is a combination of social ecological assistance with concrete technological and economic activity of protecting the environment.".

     "Cooperation with the technical redeployment and modernization of technological and industrial power in the sphere of environment protection and the rational use of natural resources by means of advanced technologies.".


(Part of the Ecointern program)


The use of the World Wide Web by Ecointern and EISE is:

Creating a link between manufacturers and consumers of the ecological goods and services!

1.     A continuously working shop of ecological goods and services on the Internet and ecological fair/exhibitions of manufactures/members of EISE in different countries and cities plays an important role in the securing of our civilization.

2.      Assistance in the settlement of urgent ecological problems on local, regional, federal and international levels, by ecological brokers of EISE, who are members of Ecointern (of their own will) will reach the new level of the global ecological goal, as a World Partners Project, in particular, working on expansion and development of ideas introduced by the German union of sociologists and ecologists.
      Ecological International Stock Exchange is an initiator and a devotee of social projects common to all mankind, in particular, project of securing and saving the ozone layer of Earth, using active methods. There was an address to the deputies of the Russian Federation parliamentto the Heads of states, governments and parliaments. In this address, deputies suggested creating an international Fund for financing research into activating natural ozone-generating processes by means of laser-cosmic and other technologies. The development of these technologies is in progress in several countries. First founders of state/public fund "Interozone XXI century", whose objective is to finance and coordinate this research, have become leading enterprises of aviation-cosmic industry in Russia.
      Nowadays EISE works on the "Ozone-balloon experiment" for getting ozone at the altitude of 30-40 kilometers by patents of RF. This will allow us to get information for primary experiments in the cosmos by means of cosmic ozone generators. This use of ozone molecule generation by means of technologies developed by Russian scientists will be registered in the Guinness' book of world records.
      We actively look for sponsors and partners, who would participate in the realization of this experiment for scientific and advertising reasons.
      Ecological International Stock Exchange also takes part in the realization of social projects. One of these projects is - The Project of Cossacks agreement: "Russian Ecological Power", dedicated to the problem of "Sustainable Development". This project is interesting because it includes ideas of "Natural resources of Russia should be divided between citizens.". "From voucher of Chubais to Russian share". This Cossack's idea is similar to initiative of "Natural Rent" proposed by a deputy of Russian Federation parliament - Glazarev, and to an analogous idea, registered in program of KPRF. It is interesting to note, that the Project of Cossacks Agreement appeared in 1997, but other than the above mentioned initiatives, in particular of KPRF a lot later, they did not make any reference to the original material. Anyway, it is important that there is a uniting positive tendency for the people of Russia and that our social-politic project follows it.
      Cossacks suggest considering this agreement at referendum as a common national idea for sustainable development of Russia in XXI century.
      We hope that lately after Russian Cossacks have increased their state service to the protection of environment, ecology and animals for hunting, will actively participate in organizing Broker's offices through all Russian territory. Meanwhile governours and mayors of cities and towns will assist in organising and keeping them on certain level and will support the initiatives of EISE in their regions..

3.     Bids and scientific/practical conferences on the Internet, forums/discussions and polls of visitors on the ecological problems.
     Data bases of partners' projects, new technological decisions and advanced technologies.
     Search of investors and sponsors for certain projects.
     Carrying out of marketing research development by the orders of own clients and IESE members. EISE specialists work at these orders, both from scientific and economic approach.

4.     A member of Ecological International of Green Cross and Green Crescent can be any citizen or organization of any country, who agrees with the Program and Rules of Ecointern and considers the Unification of Nations as a MAIN CONDITION for mankind surviving and the protection of the environment - PRIMARY TASK for every citizen.

Board of Shareholders of EISE
Central Council of Ecointern

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