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      Ecological International is a global movement of mankind,

  • aimed at preventing a global ecological crisis through the support and unification of social movements, sharing the idea of a Green revolution and construction of an Ecological civilization in the 21st century.

      Ecological International is an alliance of the planet's advanced forces united on the main principal concerning all people equally, irrespective of their nationality, religion, views and social status - participating in practical and resolute actions for the sake of saving life on Earth.
      By joint efforts mankind must stop the train of technological civilization, which is rushing to an abyss. No single nation will solve these problems alone.
      The failures of spontaneous scientific and technological progress are being revealed at an ever increasing pace today.
      We can no longer rely on the assurances of scientists who for decades have promised fully recyclable products and closed reversible cycles. They have not led to the harmony of the industrial complex and nature.
      We can no longer trust politicians who confine their environmental protection activity to appeasing assurances and half-measures. The technical and legal obstacles to an ecological catastrophe have not been created yet. Our children and grandchildren are doomed to perdition.
      Scientists and politicians, who share the problem of mankind's damnation, are unable to effectively solve the ecological problems, since they are not properly coordinated.
      The voice of Ecological International listens to the agony of nature which is crying for help. Ecological International must forestall the destruction of the planet's green lungs, the elimination of ozone layer, global warming, ever more intensive acid rains, rivers becoming shallow, pollution of the ocean, and the death of fauna and flora. It is only the ecological will of all mankind that can stop the crazy technocrats and politicians and prolong the life of our planet. It is only Ecological International that can become a real obstacle to the technological destruction of the biosphere.
      Citizens of all countries must save mankind from ecological death themselves, and if need be, launch actions for national and world solidarity.
      Attempts to maintain social and ecological stability through obsolete approaches to environmental development and protection are only increasing instability and drawing closer the days of ecological catastrophe.
      The main humanistic aim of Ecological International is to create Ecological Civilization in the 21st century and to transform from a spontaneously developing machine civilization to a consciously regulated ecological-technological type of social development and, finally, to the establishment of a sustainable society.
      Ecological International is a specialist through its combination of social ecological support with practical technological activities on environmental protection.

1. Aims and Objectives

      The basic aim of Ecological International is to draw the people of the planet, sharing the idea of a Green Revolution, into prompt practical actions to prevent an ecological catastrophe on Earth. These actions include:

  1. Establishment of a global people's parliament for ecological safety;

  2. Complete disarmament of all countries and military alliances, because only the complete conversion of arms manufacture can considerably lessen water and air pollution and ensure the means required for reliable protection of the environment;

  3. Social and political activities directed to the transition from a spontaneous machine civilization to Ecological civilization in the 21st century;

  4. Creation of an International Fund for the realization of a global project "Activating of natural processes for increasing of an ozone layer by means of laser-cosmic technologies" "Interozone 21" and assistance in creation of "Ozone cosmonautics in the 21st century";

  5. Providing all citizens with real possibilities and rights for ecological knowledge and free exchange of information on the environmental situation in any region of the planet and technical maintenance to prevent pollution of water and air by means of a partnership project – International Ecological Stock Exchange.

  6. Creation of a global service to ensure free expression of people’s views all over the world on ecological problems.

  7. Creation of an independent international ecological commission of experts;

  8. Elimination of ecological inequality between North and South, West and East;

  9. International control over the burial of dangerous waste;


  1. Members of Ecological International shall be citizens and also organisations, parties, unions etc., who recognise the Rules of Ecological International, carry out the resolutions of Ecological International and consider a global Green Revolution as the basic condition for mankind's survival.

  2.  Members of Ecological International must:
    - firmly promote the implementations of Rules and resolutions of Ecological International;
    - oppose all attempts to distort unbiased information on the ecological situation of countries, regions and curb all actions damaging the environment;
    - resolutely follow methods of international ecological assistance in the social and technological international economy;
    - consistently carry out the aims and objectives of Ecological International, strengthen friendship between the peoples of the world
    - promote a cultural and moral perfection of a human being on the basis of fraternal love and mutual assistance;
    - promote the creation and development of Ecological International primary organisations;
    - promote the development Ecological International's material foundations and information facilities;
    - supply ecological assistance teams with complete information on their activity;
    - pay annual dues.

  3.  Members of Ecological International have the rights to:
    - elect and be elected to the Ecological International governing bodies;
    - exercise control over the state of the environment within the framework of their regions and countries;
    - analyze the activities of municipal bodies, industrial enterprises and any other systems with the view of exposing factors damaging a human being and the environment;
    - apply on these subjects to the press, municipal bodies and the government, call for social functions and widely use for these purpose meetings, rallies, symposia and mass media;
    - submit proposals for consideration by the Executive Committee, Central Council and Congress of Ecological International;
    - obtain information on the current activities of Ecological International and take part in its activities in conformity with its aims and objectives;
    - use Ecological International's possibilities for international ecological assistance in the social, scientific and technological fields;
    - participate in the work of one of Ecological International's structures;
    - receive financial assistance for the realisation of the Ecological International program;
    - participate in activities organized by Ecological International;
    - receive from Ecological International consultations on subjects within its competence as well as practical ecological assistance;
    - solicit for the creation of research groups and teams of ecological assistance.

  4. Individual members are admitted to Ecological International after a personal application. Individual members are admitted by the regional branch board and at a meeting of an ecological assistance team.

    Members of Ecological International have common-pattern cards with texts in English and mother tongue and may bear special badges.

    Affiliated members may be admitted to Ecological International by the Central Council, the Executive Committee, the national associated board and the regional branch board.

    Members of Ecological International preserve their economic and juridical independence and have the right to freely secede from Ecological International submitting an application to the board, which adopted the decision about their acceptance to the Members of Ecological International

    The entrance fee for an individual member of Ecological International is 10 USD, for an affiliated member - 250USD, for a non-profit organisations - 100 USD. The annual membership fee for an individual member of Ecological International is 5 USD, for an affiliated member - 250USD, for a non-profit organisation - 50 USD.

    Members systematically ignoring the demands of the program and the Rules may be expelled from Ecological International.


Ecological International comprises the following basic structures:

International Level:

  • Intentional Congress

  • Central Council

  • Auditing Commission

National Level:

  • Congress of Association

  • Board of Association

  • Auditing Commission of Association

Regional Level:

  • Conference of Branch

  • Board of Association

Local Level (city, area, town etc.):

  • Team Meeting

  • Team Auditing Commission

  • Ecological Assistance Team

The Congress is the supreme body of Ecological International. It is convened every five years, in case of emergency an Extraordinary Congress may be convened.

The Central Council is an authority body of Ecological International in the intervals between the work of the Congress. Prompt contacts are ensured through exchanges of delegations and wide use of the press, other media and communication. The Congress is considered plenipotentiary , if not less than half of all delegates with the deciding vote take part in it. Delegates to a Congress are elected at ecological conferences of national associations, regional branches and meetings of ecological assistance teams in accordance with the norms of representation set by the Central Council.

Resolutions of the Congress are passed by a majority vote.

3.1. The Congress:

- approves the Program and the Rules and revises and amends them;
- elects the Central Committee and the auditing commission;
- hears and approves reports of the Central Committee and the auditing commission;
- approves long-term projects, programs of Ecological International;
- passes resolutions, addresses and other documents on topical ecological problems;
- examines other issues.

All resolutions are passed of the Congress are passed by a majority of the delegates except for the resolutions on changes in the program and the Rules of Ecological International , which are passed by two thirds of the delegates and the termination of its activity.

The Central Council elected for five years is the governing body of Ecological International between its congresses.

3.2. The Central Council :
- prepares and holds the Congress, s    ubmits for its consideration draft long-term programs of Ecological International, suggestions for termination of Ecological International activity and also suggestions for revisions and amendments of the Rules of Ecological International.
- organizes current activities and exercises all necessary contacts;
- takes decisions on the establishment and elimination of enterprises, institutions and organisations of Ecological International for fulfillment of the Rules objectives;
- dispose of financial and material resources of Ecological International in conformity with the present Rules, examines and approves estimates of its receipts and expenses as well as its annual and fiscal plans;
- represents Ecological International at talks with government and non-profit organisations and citizens;
- in accordance with the decisions of Ecological International, opens and closes accounts at international banks and other crediting organisations;
- examines other issues.

3.3. The Auditing Commission:
- controls the economic activity of Ecological International;
- inspects the states and takes stock of material values.


4.1. Ecological International is a juridical person and has its flag, emblem and other properties necessary for an international organisation. Ecological International is entitled the exclusive right to use its flag, emblem and registrated name in its activities, for advertisement, at exhibitions etc.

Ecological International may open its representations in any country of the world. Their legal status is determined by provisions approved by the Executive Committee of Ecological International.

Ecological International has a property right and disposes of its financial and material resources in conformity with the present Rules.

Ecological International has its own balance.

The full official name of Ecological International is Ecological International of Green Cross and Green Crescent.

Direct subordination is ruled out in relations between all branches and members of Ecological International. The organisation operates as an international community of persons pursuing a common goal.

4.2. In accordance with its aims Ecological International uses, first of all, its public and parliamentary channels: meetings, conferences, symposia, addresses to the press, parliamentary speeches etc., respecting the law of the country, but using the right to submit proposals on changing this legislation for the benefit of environmental protection as well.

In case of emergency or neglect for these methods of saving environmental problems, Ecological International members have the right to call on the world public to hold actions of civic disobedience, protests, boycotts, meetings, demonstrations and strikes, taking into consideration the law of the country where it is held.

International ecological assistance in the technological field is rendered by means of International Ecological Stock Exchange, enterprises and corporations.


5.1. Financial resources required for the accomplishment of the activity foreseen by the Rules constitute the property of Ecological International.
5.2. The finance sources of Ecological International are composed of :
- donations of enterprises, organisations, citizens of the country and other countries of the world;
- membership and entrance dues of Ecological International members;
- receipts of donations from its affiliated members;
- receipts from different activities, exhibitions, publishing and activities of its commercial enterprises;
- receipts from foreign economic activity;
- other receipts not banned by law.
5.3. Ecological International may open accounts, have deposits and if required, carry out other banking operations in the banks of foreign countries, observing all existing requirements of the financial and fiscal legislation of these countries.
5.4. The revenue from industrial and commercial activities may be distributed between the members of Ecological International and used for the accomplishment of its objectives.
5.5. For the accomplishment of its objectives Ecological International has the right within the Rules activity and in accordance with the existing legislation :
- to conclude all kinds of deals and other juridical acts with enterprises, companies, institutions, societies and individuals, including sale and purchase, joint-activity and take part in bidding and auctions;
- to construct, purchase and lease enterprises, and all kinds of movable and immovable property for its activity permitted by the law;
- institute subsidiaries, branches, representations (offices) and agencies in accordance with the existing legislation.


Cessation of Ecological International of Green Cross and Crescent activity is fulfilled in accordance with the resolution of its Congress. The property remaining after the settlement of the creditors claims is used for the purposes foreseen by the Rules of Ecological International.

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